Zeitmanagement Vortrag

Time Management Speaker

From Being Driven to Being the Driving Force: Mastering Time Management

In this engaging talk by time management speaker Joern Steinz, you and your attendees will receive 10 inspiring insights for improved time and self-management. This talk is both pragmatic and entertaining, designed to move and motivate its audience. It’s an ideal source of motivation for professionals and leaders, and also serves as an entertaining highlight for client events.

Joern Steinz tailors his presentation to suit the audience, offering this insightful talk in English and available in person and for online delivery upon request. His approach is not just about managing time; it’s about empowering you to take control of your schedule and priorities, transforming the way you and your team operate on a daily basis.

Transform Your Time Management: Practical Insights for Better Self-Organization

In this time management talk by Joern Steinz (MBA), you and your audience will gain inspiring and practical insights for enhanced self-organization. This includes expert recommendations for daily and weekly planning, as well as overall task organization. The duration of the talk is flexible, ranging from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, and can be paired with a follow-up workshop for deeper engagement. All presentation slides are visually compelling, memorable, and succinct.

About the Time Management Talk: „From Being Driven to Being the Driving Force“

Joern Steinz is a seasoned time management speaker and trainer who has been experimenting with various time management methods for years. He shares his experiences, best tips, and tricks in his popular time management seminars in major German cities, as well as in webinars, and, upon request, in-house workshops for companies and organizations.

Drawing from his productivity experiments, Joern Steinz demonstrates in his talk how anyone can become more productive, relaxed, and self-directed using simple systems and principles. The time management methods and productivity techniques presented can be immediately applied in everyday life.

This talk offers inspiring impulses for increased productivity, with useful insights for every personality type. Whatever your needs, Joern Steinz is eager to collaborate beforehand to tailor ideas that will most effectively resonate with and assist your audience in improving their time management skills.

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